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Stratum Indiana | Tips and tricks to save on electric bills!
The spring has left us, and Summer has arrived! With the weather changing it is time to trade your rain coats, and umbrellas for swimsuits and flip flops. With the warmer heat coming in, it is time to turn on your air conditioning and prepare for the hot summer days that are to come. Below are some ways to save money, but live cool at the same time! 
1.) When leaving your apartment, make sure that you turn all lights off to help regulate your electricity.  
2.) Make sure to leave your air set on auto instead of just turning it to on. This will help regulate the temperature in your apartment for you and your roommates.  
3.) When turning your air on make sure to secure all doors and windows to make sure that no air escapes from your apartment.  
4.) If your AC is not working please make sure to let the front office know, so that our amazing Maintenance team can get that fixed for you.